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D20 Dice (Glow in the Dark)

D20 Dice (Glow in the Dark)

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A fog creeps over the dimly lit table dotted with dungeons and traps. You roll your D20 dice. You can't see the numbers because the few candles in the room aren't bright enough (but boy do they provide the perfect ambiance). You need some glow in the dark dice. Lucky for you these dice do that. Lightweight, larger sized, but still fits in the palm of your hand, these D&D dice can add an eerily fun facet to the game.


Color (under normal lighting): White

Color (in dark): Eerie Green

Qty: 1 bag + 7 dice (1 D4, 1 D6, 1 D8, 1 D10, 1 D12, 1 D20, 1 D%)

Weight: ~2 oz. (50 g)

Note: Shining a bright light (e.g., a phone's flashlight, UV lamp) on the dice for about a minute results in a strong glow for ~20 minutes. The glow fades to a fainter glow lasting ~3 hours (with the dice numbers being harder to read during that time).


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