Man holding a stack of cash.

Earn Money by Becoming an Affiliate

Man holding stack of cash.

Welcome to Nerd Labs’s first blog post! 


If you’re wondering how to become an affiliate for us to earn some passive income then you’ve come to the right place! For starters, thanks for your interest. Now, let’s reward that curiosity and learn how to get started step by step.

How to Join Nerd Labs’s Affiliate Program

      1. Go to the sign-up page:
      2. Fill out the email you’d like to use for the program, plus full name, and create a password (the other fields are optional).
      3. Check your email for an email from us to confirm your registration (search for Nerd Labs or Affiliatly if we happen to get spammed).
      4. Once you’re approved, that’s it! The sooner you start promoting your code/link, the sooner you could start earning some commission!


        Program FAQs

        • Am I able to promote this on my blog? 
            • Yes you can. You’ll be able to use a unique link or QR code so your visitors can use that link to make their purchase.
            • Can I promote through Instagram, Facebook, etc.?
                • Absolutely! Just show off your personal code (once it’s set up). The program will track your code that your followers use with their purchase amounts.
                • Is this affiliate program through Nerd Labs?
                • Is there a minimum to reach before payout?
                    • Yes. If your followers purchased enough items to make it past the minimum threshold, then you’ll get the payout. At the time of writing, the minimum needed before a payout is made is $15 USD (this could change in the future). Note: that’s not per order, but a sum of everyone you referred, and that total commission racked up from them. It resets after each payout.
                    • How much can I earn?
                        • It’s up to you. The commission works on percentage, so the more you sell, the more you earn!
                        • How long do potential shoppers have to buy something?
                            • After they click on your link, they have 60 days to make a purchase. After that, the cookies won’t recognize that person’s purchase was connected to your link.
                            • How do I track my earnings?
                            • What if I never log-in?
                                • There’s a chance that old, unused accounts will get deleted. If that happens, and you’d like to try again, please register for a new account.
                                • Is this legit?
                                    • Yes it is. In fact, you don’t have to pay any money to become an affiliate. Just sign-up, get approved, and start earning on every purchase made with your unique link.
                                    • Can I go somewhere to learn more?

                                    By the way, coupon sites may accept your personal code as well - be sure to check out what their policies are on that. As an example, you can see one of our official codes ready to be discovered by hundreds of shoppers over at WeThrift:
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